Wasabi Chicken Kastu Curry

Disclaimer: I bought this in Sainsbury’s, not at Wasabi. Think it’s awesome that that’s even a thing.

Battered chicken is not very reliable when it comes to microwave instructions – many manufacturers wuss out and force you to use the oven – but not here. Wasabi may have specified a long cooking time (6/7 mins in the microwave, from chilled, not frozen), but it’s a microwave option and it’s simple too (no stirring halfway).

Before you get to heating it in the microwave, you follow the instructions that tell you to remove all packaging. I ended up with a big empty box I didn’t use, and I was dismayed when I read that that box isn’t recyclable. Such a waste!!

In hindsight, this box would have been the ‘serving’ box to tip the katsu curry into, but it honestly didn’t occur to me to do that.


The katsu sauce is delicious, and has a surprising kick for what is a mild curry. It could do with bigger chunks of potato and carrot, however – and doesn’t appear to match the picture on the front.

The battered chicken is a little chewy after being in the microwave, but overall is much better than expected. It still retains a crispness, and a freshly fried flavour.

Tasty, convenient, but a little stingy on the vegetables, a little pricey on the wallet, and a little unnecessary on the environment.