Charlie Bigham’s Chicken Thai Red Curry

This is my third Charlie Bigham offering. I just can’t help myself when I see it reduced to half price (meals typically retail at about £7-8).

Whilst I bought this on offer, it does feed two, so the £3.50-£4 RRP per person is comparable to standard ready meals.

It takes a little more time than your typical ready meal: half an hour in the oven, with no microwave option. It also doesn’t gain many points for being healthy.

But… it tastes divine. The long grains of perfectly booked rice have a fragrant, lemongrass flavour. The chicken catches slightly in the oven, giving it a nice browned taste, in a creamy sauce that has a moderate chilli kick.

There are lots of bamboo shoots, and plenty of chicken. It feels quite generous.

I am more than happy to award this 4*.