Heinz Cream of Chicken Pot Soup

£1.40 from Tesco at time of writing. A tin (as opposed to plastic pot) of exactly the same stuff would be less than a pound.

It’s certainly easier/tidier than a tin – 1m45s in the microwave, stirring halfway, and no pan to wash up. All of the packaging parts are recyclable too.

But the soup is very thick and unappetising in appearance. I don’t think Gordon Ramsay would be impressed.

It contains just 3% chicken, but has a whopping 31% of your salt allowance for the day.

Worst of all, the flavour is pretty nondescript: a vague, savoury cream with no texture – just goop. Imagine a pot of cream, with some chicken stock poured in, and some added flour to thicken. Not pleasant. Would not have again.

And at this price? Sorry – this earns 1*.