Ko-Lee Bang! Bang! Noodles Chicken Feel Good Flavour

You know how those Beano and Dandy comics grabbed your eye as a kid?

Well, the same trick works on adults, so long as food’s involved.

Yes, the packaging is a trifle ‘sudden’, and once I saw the claims of “Feel Good” flavour, I had to give it a go.

The prep

Battle through the outer plastic, remove the plastic tab to remove the lid, and eventually you get to a pile of noodles, two sachets and a fork.

One of those sachets is actually split into two compartments – one for curry powder flavouring and one for chilli powder. It says “add to taste”, which suggests I have any sort of moderation or self-discipline. Bugger that, I added it all.

There was also an oil sachet, which is much runnier than other oils I’ve had in the past and bright yellow, like a lemon chicken sauce from a Chinese takeaway.

So, I shoved it all in, and then filled the hot water to the fill level, which was surprisingly low.

The taste

Three minutes of waiting time later, I dug in.

It had a really authentic chicken flavour actually! The noodles are chewier than I’m used to – maybe I didn’t time my three minutes properly, or maybe it’s because there really wasn’t that much hot water.

Did I feel good? Yeah. Was it spicy? Yeah. Not unmanageable – just at the right end of hot. 👌

As I got towards the end of the pot, it became very salty. Maybe that’s what the “add to taste” instruction was about, but who can be expected to add a bit here and there, and taste it as they go along to make sure it’s right for them? Life’s too short.

The verdict

Before I give my mark, can I just say – this cost all of 90p!

So, it’s good value, tasty, but far too much packaging and nothing nutritious about it. A little too salty and a little too much faff, but not a bad one at all.