noodles reviews

itsu 3 minute noodle pot Original Thai Flavour

Aug 2 2013

I couldn’t help licking my fingers after opening the sachet of “heavenly broth paste”, confidently named by the people at itsu. It tasted promising- a strong Thai lemongrass with a chilli kick. Unfortunately, I followed the instructions to the letter, adding boiling water to the suggested fill level. The result is a watery, bland mess…. [Read More]

Morrisons Singapore Chicken Noodles Fresh Ideas

Jun 12 2013

The whole dish is very dry. Thoughtless use of cabbage, which is tough and chewy and does not compliment the meal well. There is a fair quantity of chicken, and the rich, nutty sauce is tasty, even if it mostly evaporates during the cooking process. Expensive for what you get.

Mug Shot Noodles Chinese Style

Apr 16 2013
Mug Shot

Looks like tape worm in a mug. Not very appetising. Even after the 5 minute guideline, the noodles are still crunchy. Nice Chinese flavours but a bit weak- though perhaps I added too much water. I had either a massive mug or a tiny mug, and I decided I’d rather be able to fit it… [Read More]

Iceland Snack Pots Sticky Chilli Chicken Noodles

Apr 4 2013

They aren’t kidding with the word “snack”- see the picture to realise the disproportionality between the portion size and the pot it is served in. Do pierce the film lid; I decided to be lazy and peel it back, whereby the sauce exploded all over my microwave. It doesn’t taste bad, but the noodles are… [Read More]

Iceland Chinese Chicken with Noodles

Mar 2 2013

Tasty noodles, nice and eggy. Tasty sauce- has a subtle ginger and garlic flavour and a nice spicy kick of chili. The sauce has been artificially thickened, like in many Chinese restaurants. Plenty of chicken, which is soft and tender. The only downside is the pretty poor packaging and fairly slow cooking time.

Sainsbury’s Chicken Laksa Soup

Sep 2 2012

Really gorgeous thai curry smell. Don’t let the word “soup” fool you- I tried eating this with a spoon and struggled! This is principally a noodle dish and you’ll need chopsticks or a fork. Lovely, clearly fresh ingredients, healthy stuff, one of your five a day. The sauce is just creamy enough, and has a… [Read More]

Pot Noodle Chicken Tikka GTI

Aug 28 2012
Pot Noodle

No, it doesn’t look good. Giving it a stir didn’t make it look any more appetising. With a repulsed look on my face, I took my first bite… The noodles are horribly soft and the chicken tikka masala sauce is nothing to rave about. I was impressed by the real pieces of chicken, though don’t… [Read More]