Naked Noodle: The Big One Fiery Chicken Panang Thai Egg Noodles

Given the sheer size of this pot (and the name, “The Big One”, which is a promise it had better well keep), I was disappointed to open the lid and find only a small mound of noodles at the bottom.

I had a choice of 3 fill levels depending on how thin I wanted my sauce; none of these fill levels were anywhere near the top, so this really could be a lot smaller and less wasteful of its plastic.

Misleading packaging aside, I added hot water and awaited my meal.

What I received was an unpleasantly hot, bland, stodgy, sludgy mess. It was too spicy to have any flavour, and the texture was an unpleasant gloop. I was impressed with one or two pieces of real chicken (see picture), but otherwise very much underwhelmed.