Wasabi Chicken Katsu Yakisoba

Surprisingly good value – I got this for £3.50. It is a large portion of food, and satisfied me fully for lunch. Considering this is a household name and not some own-brand, you get a lot for your £3.50.

That includes rather a lot of packaging; a cardboard sleeve, then a plastic bowl inside another plastic-lined box. I’ve learned from last time I had a Wasabi Chicken Kastu Curry that the outer box is your serving bowl, and that it can’t be recycled.

I had to peel the film off the plastic bowl, remove the sauce sachet, then put the plastic bowl in the microwave on its own. Then I had to remove the chicken before stirring the sauce into the noodles, then decanting the lot into the outside bowl and putting the chicken back on top. It felt like food lego.

The result is pretty good and reasonably tasty. I did find the noodles and chicken all a little bit ‘dry’, and on the brink of ‘bland’, but it was still enjoyable.

I was surprised to see it contains 21g of sugar, and there’s no information on the fibre content, so perhaps the peas, cabbage and onion scattered throughout the noodles aren’t as virtuous as I’d hoped…?

All in all: tasty, filling, good value for money.