Sainsbury’s Chicken Laksa Soup

Really gorgeous thai curry smell.

Don’t let the word “soup” fool you- I tried eating this with a spoon and struggled! This is principally a noodle dish and you’ll need chopsticks or a fork.

Lovely, clearly fresh ingredients, healthy stuff, one of your five a day. The sauce is just creamy enough, and has a wonderful aroma of lemongrass.

The chicken is a little on the tough side, and there could be more of it. Really nice flavour though, tastes natural, not chemically.

Has a nice bite with the chilli, though may be a little too strong for the sensitive tongues out there.

Subtle use of coconut. Really tasty. Easy microwave instructions, recyclable packaging- the only downside is the pricey price! At £3, this loses 1*. But very good effort indeed.